I sit here and blog today with a heavy heart and a head full of what if’s. As loyal followers here at Over the Clothes Line, I’m sure you all have noticed as of late, I’ve been MIA and more than a few things have changed here. For everyone who knows me, I am so not one of those people that sugar coats anything. In other words if you don’t want the truth for heaven sake DO NOT ask me! In a nutshell here it goes with no holes barred.

My reason for my absence is quite simple really, not wanting to bore you with all the details and to protect the innocent, I am here to offer the short version. You know how sometimes life throws you curve balls that you never saw coming and with every ball that’s hurled at you, each one comes equipped with it’s own little message and insight into your life? If you’ve known that feeling, you can relate to my life for the last few months. It’s really made me stop and think about every single aspect of my life and where it seems to be heading. I have come to a place both in my personal life and my writing career where I know I have to battle my own demons. There is no knight in shining armor that’s going to charge in on his white horse and rescue me and fight these battles for me. It is me against the world at the moment and in the end, I know that I am the only one that can save me and my happiness. I am my own destiny.

Secondly, I know a lot of you probably have wondered why Talina is no longer at the blog. It’s basically very simple, While she and I will always remain friends, how can you not, when you have laughed, cried and shared as much as we have since we met. We were kind of like two star crossed authors- to- be streaking through the winter midnight sky like shooting stars heading straight for a crash landing, both so caught up in finding someone who understood and shared a love for writing, we both were oblivious to the clash our real lives would have on our make believe ones.

The truth is our writing partnership just wasn’t cutting it. It wasn’t because we couldn’t get along but something as simple as having very different lifestyles and ways of dealing with them day to day. I don’t think this caused our partnership to dissolve, we chose to do that. I do however think that in spending day after day on the computer, we were standing in the way of each other and our individual goals. When you have a friendship/partnership all in the same place (in our case the computer) it’s hard sometimes to know how to separate the two. It’s not like we could go out to lunch on Friday and hash out our personal issues over the salad and move on to the main course and writing ten minutes later. We live in different countries, it just wasn’t possible.

I personally think that sometimes we became each other’s life line to the writing world all the while trying to maintain a semi normal day to day life. And believe me it took a toll on us both. We both knew success would never come for either of us while trying to maintain a working relationship. So we simply decided to go our separate ways with our writing careers.

We hope that as followers of Over the Clothes Line, you guys will continue to visit no matter where our careers take us. I only wish Talina the best in everything she chooses to do and I still stand behind her in wherever her words and dreams lead her. I will always be thankful to her for making me a stronger believer in the world and characters my mind has created.

And lastly back to me. I have chosen to take a break and sort out every aspect of my life but with each new day I find that Nik and Abby seem to want to come out and play, so as humbly as I can possibly say it, I will be going it alone here at Over the Clothes Line and as I pick myself up and dust off the dirt and treat the battle scars I sincerely hope that all of you that have been here from the beginning and all of you who will visit in the future will continue to stick around and come by every now and again to see the new and exciting things that are happening. I promise it will be worth the time that it took me and my characters to return.

Hoping your dreams will always come true,

Donna M. Fitzgerald