Okay all my fellow writers and die-hard readers, here’s one of those hmmmmmmm kind of situations. I’ve been sitting thinking, “Oh you so need to blog today, but about what?” . . . While trying to get my mind in gear, I opened my folder to take a look at photographs of the real life person that shaped my character Nikolas.  While trying to find the one photo that would spark my imagination for the current chapter I need to write, I suddenly wondered if this particular mortal had any of the characteristics his imaginary counterpart has . . .

Without giving away too much of my current WIP, (everyone has to wait and check Nikolas out in his world to find out just how sexy and awesome he really is) but in saying that, here are some of the things I wondered and would love to know about my muse or even better still if my muse knew he could get away with the things his counterpart does, would he try?

1.  Does he know that cynical really is sexy and if he knew would he use it more often?

2.  Most women really do want to be nibbled on at some point.

3.  Brooding really is hot if a smirk comes with it.

4.  Taking a woman’s breath away while being close enough for her to feel yours is one of the sexiest things about a kiss.

5. Guy liner is what makes you baby!

6. It’s sexier to have your woman on the back of your Harley than driving beside you on her own

7.  A tattoo here and there doesn’t hurt either.

8.  Never be ashamed of your past, most of the time it makes the man a woman falls head over hills in love with.

Um . . .  pulls myself back to the real world!  I have to admit in this post that my muse came to me quite by surprise.  He is really the reason I picked up my story again after years of it being shelved, wiped off the dust and began writing again.  It’s not just because he is one fine specimen of a man but his story was unlike any I had came across until I read his life story.  To be the man that he is today from the life he experienced in his past is what has shaped Nikolas Raven Capriani into the character that I so dearly love to write about.

And yes ladies, in case you’re wondering—and if this book ever makes it to the shelves and I have faith it will— I’m hopping my little author ass on a plane and hand delivering a personal signed copy to my muse in person.  I hope he loves what I’ve turned him into as much as I have enjoyed the challenge!

Happy Monday everyone and here’s hoping every woman finds a man as hawt as the two I’ve written about here today and they make ALL your fantasies come true!



Sometimes when life gets kind of confusing and when you’re just about down for the count revelation comes to you when you least expect it.  My life as I know it is pretty hectic right now and I’m still trying to figure out how to juggle all the balls in the air that seem to be my responsibility. I thought I was doing a jam up job until I looked down and realized I had dropped one- Me!

Yep the main one that keeps the Golden Boy on track, the career going down the right path, the book making it to completion, the friend, the big sister, and so much more. I've been so busy with so many different things that I haven’t had time to stop and look at what’s really going on around me. Or maybe I’ve been afraid to. Remember that revelation I mentioned earlier?   Well it smacked me in the face last night as I sat home alone in a quite house. Up most of the night I looked at the things in my life and their timing and I came to realize the following…………

You can't make things right all the time no matter how bad you want to.....

Fate has a funny way of stepping in and bringing people into your life if only for awhile with no guarantee they will stay. Sometimes just long enough to bring you the answers that you needed in order to move forward. You can’t cry over misguided fate more then once ............. after that its time to move on........

Its okay to drop your guard sometimes and trust even when you’re terrified of the consequences…………..It may be that life lesson or cherished memory you’ll carry with you the rest of your life………..You’ll never know until you take that step……….

Don’t be afraid to love with all you have…….if its worth fighting for then it’s worth facing it head on…………….

Life is going to keep moving forward and you have two choices one, you stop and let it go by you or two; you grab it with both hands and live it for all it’s worth good and bad.

Lots of things going on with that little ball that was accidentally dropped during my juggling act huh?  This morning I woke up with peace of mind, something I haven’t had in a long time…I know at the end of the day I have done everything and given it one hundred percent of my time and effort but in this lifetime there will be times when an extra ball gets thrown in to make life a little more interesting.   You just have to remain calm and if you’re old enough to have your own juggling act you can decide for yourself what balls to keep and throw into the mix and toss the rest!   Ultimately the choice is yours.


Hi guys I just had to share the events of this past Saturday night. After a day of shopping with the family we all decided to eat dinner at Masters Wok here in Anderson.  The meal was great and as you all know at the end of the meal at a Chinese restaurant the waitress brings around the fortune cookies.  The following events and dialogue are true and in no way should be attempted unless your life is in chaos like mine!

While the waitress was in the process of handing the cookies out, I looked at my sister Kathy and said  "You know the way my life is going, maybe she should leave me the bucket!

We laughed it off thinking nothing about my comment.  Well I open my cookie and it said "Good fortune is yours when you stock tons of fortune cookies!"

I promise! Those were the exact words typed on that tiny piece of paper! I looked at my sister and we both lost our breath laughing. So, I sneak a peek over at my niece Bailee and notice she has an extra cookie and since she thinks her Mimi hung the moon and stars in the sky,

I give her my sweetest smile and say, "Bailee Ann you should give Mimi that extra cookie, she needs a do over."

In which Bailee responds "Mimi you can't have this fortune I've already touched this one so it won’t really be yours but I'll read it to you anyway. She began to read out loud and the whole table was in shock at its contents.

"A love one that you have not seen in months will show up at your front door showering love and joy."

Again I looked at my sister and given my current situation I began shaking my head and backing away from that cookie.   Noooooooo, that is not my fortune either.  The last thing I need right now is a lost love showing up at my door to further complicate my life and since we could all guess who that meant, we ditched that cookie as if it were on fire!

At this point I think my brother-in-law, bless his heart, saw my distress and realized I am once again  grasping at straws for some kind of guidance in my life ask the waitress for another batch of cookies.

Round TWO coming up as she dove into her bucket and pulled out another handful and placed them on the table!  This time I took my time to select the perfect cookie,  the one that would tell me where my life is heading with certainty!   I opened it and there is was........NOTHING! NO FORTUNE!   I looked at my sister this time and noticed she was trying hard not to fall out laughing again!  I demanded to know what an empty cookie meant........

Trying to make myself feel better at this point I say, “Okay, so maybe this means I can make my own fortune.”

My sister who like me never pulls punches,  sat back and smiled, looking at me she said "It was empty Duck, you don't get to make your own besides, there wasn't enough room on the paper for that fortune to begin to be able to tell you what the hell is going on in your life at the moment!"

Moral of this story in times of mass confusion in your life………DON’T COUNT ON A COOKIE!

Okay I want to hear from all of you that have ever resorted to fortune cookies, horoscopes and stopped yourself before visiting a Psychic!


I sit here and blog today with a heavy heart and a head full of what if’s. As loyal followers here at Over the Clothes Line, I’m sure you all have noticed as of late, I’ve been MIA and more than a few things have changed here. For everyone who knows me, I am so not one of those people that sugar coats anything. In other words if you don’t want the truth for heaven sake DO NOT ask me! In a nutshell here it goes with no holes barred.

My reason for my absence is quite simple really, not wanting to bore you with all the details and to protect the innocent, I am here to offer the short version. You know how sometimes life throws you curve balls that you never saw coming and with every ball that’s hurled at you, each one comes equipped with it’s own little message and insight into your life? If you’ve known that feeling, you can relate to my life for the last few months. It’s really made me stop and think about every single aspect of my life and where it seems to be heading. I have come to a place both in my personal life and my writing career where I know I have to battle my own demons. There is no knight in shining armor that’s going to charge in on his white horse and rescue me and fight these battles for me. It is me against the world at the moment and in the end, I know that I am the only one that can save me and my happiness. I am my own destiny.

Secondly, I know a lot of you probably have wondered why Talina is no longer at the blog. It’s basically very simple, While she and I will always remain friends, how can you not, when you have laughed, cried and shared as much as we have since we met. We were kind of like two star crossed authors- to- be streaking through the winter midnight sky like shooting stars heading straight for a crash landing, both so caught up in finding someone who understood and shared a love for writing, we both were oblivious to the clash our real lives would have on our make believe ones.

The truth is our writing partnership just wasn’t cutting it. It wasn’t because we couldn’t get along but something as simple as having very different lifestyles and ways of dealing with them day to day. I don’t think this caused our partnership to dissolve, we chose to do that. I do however think that in spending day after day on the computer, we were standing in the way of each other and our individual goals. When you have a friendship/partnership all in the same place (in our case the computer) it’s hard sometimes to know how to separate the two. It’s not like we could go out to lunch on Friday and hash out our personal issues over the salad and move on to the main course and writing ten minutes later. We live in different countries, it just wasn’t possible.

I personally think that sometimes we became each other’s life line to the writing world all the while trying to maintain a semi normal day to day life. And believe me it took a toll on us both. We both knew success would never come for either of us while trying to maintain a working relationship. So we simply decided to go our separate ways with our writing careers.

We hope that as followers of Over the Clothes Line, you guys will continue to visit no matter where our careers take us. I only wish Talina the best in everything she chooses to do and I still stand behind her in wherever her words and dreams lead her. I will always be thankful to her for making me a stronger believer in the world and characters my mind has created.

And lastly back to me. I have chosen to take a break and sort out every aspect of my life but with each new day I find that Nik and Abby seem to want to come out and play, so as humbly as I can possibly say it, I will be going it alone here at Over the Clothes Line and as I pick myself up and dust off the dirt and treat the battle scars I sincerely hope that all of you that have been here from the beginning and all of you who will visit in the future will continue to stick around and come by every now and again to see the new and exciting things that are happening. I promise it will be worth the time that it took me and my characters to return.

Hoping your dreams will always come true,

Donna M. Fitzgerald

I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING! by Donna Fitzgerald

            Okay, all you writer’s out there, please tell me if some of you can relate to this therapy session.
 I sit down at my keyboard. I have my current chapter along with all of its notes in front of me.  I pull up u-tube, because I am the type of writer that has to find the music that supports what I’m getting ready to write about.  A few minutes later, I put my ear buds in and turn up the volume.  I’m happy nothing can steer me off course; right? 
            My fingers are flying across the keys with the rhythm of the music and I can see my characters and their surroundings unfolding with each word I type-all the while thinking life of a writer is awesome.  I flip my notes and my typing speeds up as I reach the climax in the chapter which will unveil a tidbit of information the readers have been turning the pages to discover and that’s when it happens.  My carefully prepared notes no longer matter.  It’s the events that are now playing out in my head that become the chapter.
            I’m surprised and at that point and I almost stop typing and delete everything I have on the paper because it’s all wrong, it doesn’t fit-it’s not in the plan of my notes.   As I sit back and read what I have, I’ve already set myself up to be unhappy with the words because this is not what I had planned from the beginning.  I read through what I have written once, then a second time and I am blown away by the words that meant nothing to me a few minutes ago, but now have become part of my WIP-my notes pushed aside.  Although I never intended to make the twists and turns that I was surprised with while writing, I am glad that I do not limit myself or my imagination by following my pre-laid plan.
            I have learned that sometimes you have to put the notes that you’ve labored over for weeks away and just let the words come to you in the moment when you sit down to put it on paper, because its times like these you capture the magic of what writing is all about.  


What can I say it's mama Monday so this is going to be short and sweet.  I have been on the road since 3:00 p.m. today.  First I had to pick Jacob up at school and then head straight over to the other side of town to meet my brother-in-law to hand off my child for weight training.

Yes, it's that time, High School Football is around the corner and thus it begins. Shuffling Jacob to practice, weight training all added to the usual places he has to go to maintain  his social status! ;p

So, again today was short because I was busy doing the most important role in my life....being that wonderful teen's mama!  I have posted his picture so you'll all see that smile that I can't say no to!

So until next time, drop us a line and let us know what duties you have being a mom!


Its Friday need I say more! Here at the Fitzgerald home we cherish the weekends. It starts when everyone finally comes home usually with big smiles on their faces because it’s whatever you want to do time. The boys usually play the guitars, watch a movie and yes most Fridays its pizza night!

I’m usually at the keyboard writing away or chatting with Talina about plots, characters and sometimes nothing!

Since I live in a home that is always full of music, the steady clicking of the keys on the computer keyboard and chatter, I sometimes wonder if other people could come into our surroundings and function as a unit as well as we do.

The boys will sit just yards away from my writing nook and watch a movie without ever going “hey mama/honey could you stop that racket.” I think they have grown immune to the sound of my fingers tapping along with the ideas flying through my brain and I sit here working away while the background sounds of Bob and Jacob playing anything from tunes from the 80's to Joe Satriani in the garage to watching a fast paced action thriller on the TV. Perfect example they sat down with their dinner last night to Avatar blaring on the big screen and yes EXTRA stereo surround sound while I sat silently in my nook and worked on my WIP. The truth is when the house is quiet and they aren’t in the background, I find it hard to write.

The comforts of my family, moving along in the background, doing what they normally do whether it’s the music or stopping by my nook to chat are the greatest creative noises I know. It’s the sound of a house full of love and mutual respect for the individual things that we all love to do.

Now that I’ve given you a glimpse into the fabulous Friday here in the Fitzgerald home, I would love to know what our bloggers consider to be a fabulous Friday in your home. So drop us a comment and let us know.

Here’s hoping that regardless of the individual hobbies you may have, your home is filled with as much love and happiness my home is always filled with.

Happy Fabulous Friday everyone!


Welcome to our first novice writer interview!!!! Today I have composed a few questions for writer Donna Fitzgerald to answer for us so that we can get to know a little about her and her style.

So let’s get this party started!!!

1) If you could write a blurb starring you, how would it read?

A. Donna Fitzgerald may look like the five foot petite blonde Southern Belle but sometimes looks can be deceiving! With a tongue that can cut you to shreds one minute and make you forget she ever insulted you the next. It will be so quick you’ll wonder if it were an insult or if she just handed you a compliment!

If you don’t want her honest opinion then for heaven’s sake don’t ask! Despite the fiery temper that can be ignited if she is wronged, her unconditional love and gentleness will almost always give you the benefit of the doubt.

She strives to give it her all no matter the situation, whether it’s loving, writing or just living life. Once her mind is made up she will take the journey to accomplish whatever she set out to do!

2) What three words would you use to describe your writers’ voice?

A. Wit, Heart and Guts.

3) Tell us a little about your WIP. What kind of word count are you aiming for?

A. Word count to me is just a number. To me it’s over when all the twists and turns have been wrapped up to form that bow of Happily Ever After.

4) Can you tell us what genre you write? How did you choose that genre or did it choose you?

A. I knew Talina would try and get me on this one! As of right now it’s still up for debate in almost every chat we have! And just to give you the honest truth, the genre definitely chose me.

5) What does your day normally look like? How do you fit in writing with everything else you have to do?

A. I get up and take Jacob to school around 7:30 a.m, Come home and straighten the house, and start up the computer. I write off and on until bedtime taking time out for cooking dinner, laundry picking up Jacob and family time until I fall into bed and get ready to do it all again!

6) IS there anything that you have found out about your writing process that you would like to share with us today?

A. For me it’s listening to your heart. Don’t worry when you sit down to write and the chapter takes a turn that you didn’t see coming. That to me is when the magic happens. Sometimes music can be your best inspiration. And lastly writing is not easy but if you truly love your story enough that you cry and laugh in all the right places at the end of the day you’ve done what you set out to do and that’s makes someone feel good even if at this early point in your writing its yourself. At the end of your manuscript being happy with the story you tell is what’s makes the journey worthwhile.

Therapy Thursday by Donna Fitzgerald

                                ROCK CONCERT THERAPY !

            For everyone that knows me y’all know that I live with my husband Bob and my son Jacob.  You also know that if you show up to visit or call me on the phone for a chat, chances are you will hear music in the background.  No it’s not the radio, it’s coming from the garage because you see I live with two Rock stars!  To use that term loosely would be a mortal sin!  Before you get all excited and want to know where you can get your tickets, I should tell you all that no tickets are needed for these superstars.  They will play for free for anyone who shows up to listen. 
The following account of Wednesday night is based on true events and should not be mimicked unless you are a professional.  My guys as, I lovingly refer to them as, set off yesterday for Atlanta at 3:30 p.m. on the nose.  Their journey would take them to the Phillips Arena to see Nickelback. Now I need to remind you that they are some die hard rock and rollers and this isn’t their first time around the block in the concert neighborhood.  Together they have an astounding number of concerts under their belts. And yes although Jacob is only fourteen he has seen more bands than most guys twice his age.  They hauled their cookies two hours away to see three opening bands and then the mother of them all for that night Nickelback!
            I text them a little before nine p.m. to see if the headlining band had taken the stage yet and they were anxiously waiting.  I got worried when the bewitching hour rolled around and I still hadn’t heard anything else from them; so I called.  They were just getting on I-85 when I talked to Jacob and they were heading back home.  I asked him how the concert was and without taking a breath he informed me that Nickelback was better than Kiss or Motley Crue!
 Now everyone knows that since my son was the tender age of two he has been a die hard Kiss fan.  He got his wish when last September his three aunts and I took him to his first Kiss concert. He walked up at the Bilo center with an entourage of women sporting a ‘Yeah, Their All Mine’ smile.  He came out proclaiming Kiss as the greatest band he had ever seen.  I smiled to myself because I had taken him as a Christmas gift in March of ’09 to see Motley Crue.  And after that concert he again proclaimed they were the best band he’s ever seen.  Well that phase has stuck up until last night. I think the Crue may have some competition.
            They came rolling in about two a.m. I asked how was the concert?  We spend the next hour talking about how Nickelback was the greatest band he had ever seen with Bob ranking them in the top five.
            Today the hubbub has died down somewhat.  Bob is now in the garage playing Boston and Jacob has been to my computer showing me the songs of Nickelback that would great to write to.  I smile to myself because I know that for now Nickelback rules until the next band rolls into town!
            A little background info there for those of you who had no idea; when I met Bob he was hawt, but when he picked up the guitar and played a song for me I was done.   Jacob has followed in his B-Daddy’s footsteps since he got his first guitar at age twelve and with the help of B-Daddy he has been tearing the rock songs up! We are now up to two guitars and he hasn’t lost his passion and yes, he knows even more songs!  So with that being said, if you’re ever in the neighborhood stop by, you won’t regret it!

            Oh yeah and my thoughts on Rock therapy you might be wondering.  Well, lets just say that without the music I find on utube, the songs Jacob and Bob tell me about, or that I hear them playing in the garage when I’m having trouble with a chapter or a scene, I couldn’t get the first line typed!  

Totally Tuesday-Writing Buddies by Donna Fitzgerald

Recently my writing buddy Talina and I hit a bump in our writing partnership.  I should say or so we thought.  It seems we both got a little worried that we are now writing the same genre.  Well of course we talked about this at some length yesterday both at a loss for what to do.  I mean how could we both write the same genre and discuss it with one another without giving up our greatest twist and turns?
To make a very long conversation short, we called in who we like to call the experts.  Some in the form of Google and others well-closer to us-our husbands.  We know that they are experts on the matter for two reasons.  One, they are both highly intelligent individuals who shoot straight from the hip.  In other words if you don’t want to know the truth, for heaven sake don’t ask one of them if you don’t want an honest answer. The second reason is they both have seen this relationship blossom first hand and know that more than our writing would suffer from this new turn of events. 
For those of you that don’t know, Talina and I have been joined at the hip since we met.  Our friendship was sealed first when we both realized we shared a love of writing and the passion of wanting to be published authors. 
That paragraph doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the relationship that we share.  Not only do we encourage one another when the other feels that their writing is going nowhere.  We will sit for hours on a subject that our story line contains but we haven’t figured out how exactly it’s going to work in the land of make believe that we spin daily.  And yes, then there are times when our brains are mush from being mom’s all day and the last thing we can try to do is work on our current WIP.  It is during those times our friendship really shines.  We know instantly when the other one is having a bad day without saying a word or isn’t motivated in the least to write, so we do what any good friend will do and that’s sinking down into the abyss and grab each other’s hand no questions asked and sweetly smile and say “Hey chica, I got your back and we’ll get through this together.”  And oh, by the way did I mention we do every single bit of this online sight unseen?  Don’t ask me how we know these things about one another through our comps.  We just do, thank goodness!
So back to the topic on how we can possibly continue all that we have going on with our own WIP and not cross over in the ideas department.  Well, as I said earlier our husband’s came up with the solution we were diligently looking for.  Although one husband actually found it, the other whole heartedly agreed and it is as follows:
Top Ten Reasons to Write with a Partner
10. It’s a dog-eat-dog business-and vice versa- but when you write with a partner,   
      there’s always one person in town looking out for your interest.
9. Writing is lonely. It doesn’t have to be (and it isn’t if you write with a partner).
8. Two imagination really are better than one.
7. Collaboration leads to better brain storming.
6. A writing workout partner helps you stay focused and productive.
5. Complementing (and complementing) each other leads to stronger ideas.
4. Writing with a partner improves mental health (and it’s cheaper then  
3. A partner can help you conquer writer’s block.
2. Collaborating makes you a better writer (and maybe a better person).
1. Carpool Lane. (You ride to the finish line together.
I do want to add that these ten reasons must be mixed with the right measure of total trust, value for a friendship that is everlasting, and the most important one, a heaping measure of your gut feeling. That last ingredient allows you to revel in the fact that you can whisper those magical twist and turns to your writing buddy and they will only be revealed when your precious current WIP that has you wearing your heart on your sleeve because you’re so passionate about it but you just knew when you met, that those kind of secrets would not be revealed until that WIP has made it to the bookshelf for all the world to discover.  I have found that in my writing partner. I could have never handed over that trust if Talina hadn’t first became my friend. 
The moral of this story, if you are considering a writing buddy you must find the one that will tell you that line stinks, will not allow you to cry alone over those beloved characters you’ll choose to cut out but most important when it’s all said and done and you become a published author she will be in the front row cheering the loudest because your dreams are coming true. If you have been blessed to find a unique person like that then you have my word you have found a forever writing buddy and friend.

Seriously Saturday by Donna Fitzgerald

Hi everyone, it’s seriously Saturday here at Over the Clothes Line.  This is the day Talina and I have chosen to update you on our WIP or work-in-progress.
I have learned a very important lesson this week about characters and their placement in my WIP.  Through my writing this week, I’ve learned that a character that seems indispensable can turn out to be the most important character of all.  The one character that pulls the entire story together, no matter how brief their presence is. 
The perfect example is my character Abby.  For all of you who follow our blog Abby gets a lot of attention from me.  I had almost decided to write her out of my WIP completely except for reference to her through back story.  The more I thought about her the more I kept going back over the beginning stages of my WIP.  That is when I realized that Abby, although a secondary character, served as the connection that linked all of my other characters together.
Without Abby my hero would not have found a reason to live.  My heroine would not exist and my villain would not have a reason to be twisted.  I could name a hundred more reason, but you get the gist.
The bottom line is without Abby my story wouldn’t exist.  She has been the ever present voice that has cheered me on and literally handed me the ideas for her character.  She has even conceded to allow me the use of her character as I see fit, even if it’s not in the most flattering of circumstances.  All for the sake of my WIP.
So for all of you out there stressed with your own WIP, my advice is always listen to what your characters are telling you.  They will not lead you down an endless path, in fact sometimes they lead you down the very path you were sure was a dead end, but once you reached its finality, you might find that that particular path holds all the answers you’ve been searching for.
I hope this has helped anyone that may be struggling to keep a character or write them out. Talina and I would love to know how much influence your characters have on your writing.  Drop us a line and share how you handle this kind of situation.  Happy writing everyone!

Therapy Thursday by Donna Fitzgerald

                                 MIGRAINES, MEN AND MUSES
I have had the misfortune for the last few days to have a migraine from hell as we call them here in the Fitzgerald house.  That means the windows in my bedroom have been blocked from all sunlight, the temperature in the house has been dropped down dramatically, I’m in my pajamas all drugged up and my husband has put his foot down and put me on lock down in our bedroom.  I’m too sick to fight him at this point so I settle in and try to sleep. 
There is only one problem, someone forgot to tell my muse he’s not supposed to breath my way much less talk to me.  He starts off quiet,… you know a quick whisper as to what he thinks he should be doing today.  When I refuse to give him my attention, he gets a little louder with his ‘request’.  I promise him if he will just give me an hour of sleep and when the roaring in my head stops, I’ll listen to him for as long as he wants.  I listen for some kind of response –nothing. AHH… I think I have managed to appease him.  NOT!
Next, I hear the sound of moving furniture in my brain as he is talking to me all at the same time.  I get up to grab a tablet and a pen.  My husband gives me that ‘what are you doing up’ look as I pass through the living room.  I shake my head as if to say don’t ask and head back to bed.
I write down the idea my muse has and think I have satisfied him, only to hear him whisper again a few minutes later. This is also about the time my husband -the warden- is doing his rounds and I’m caught writing on the tablet I got earlier.  He wants to know what I am doing awake and I sheepishly look at him and say, “honey it’s not my fault it’s the other man in my life that’s keeping me awake.”
 He doesn’t say another word as he closes the door to my cell quietly.  I think he remains silent because he knows he can only control my environment when I have a migraine, but when it comes to a muse on a mission it’s best to bow out gracefully and leave it to me no matter how bad my migraine is, because it’s better than having to deal with me once I’m well and my muse has gone into hiding thanks to my well meaning husband!

Welcome Home Honey! by Donna Fitzgerald

Picture this: My husband comes through the door from work, and kisses me hello. It is then that he also notices the look of devastation on my face. You know that something-is-bothering-me look that all women get?

“Honey, what’s wrong?” He asks alarmed.

“It’s Abby.” I reply.

He sits down and you can see the confusion written all over his face. He’s franticly trying to remember without asking me which side of the “family” this relative is on.

All the while still maintaining his sympathetic look, he asks. “What happened to her?”

Ah, the opening I’ve been waiting for and I’m off! I begin telling him how I want her to do this, but she looks down her nose at me and stubbornly shakes her head no. Then I ask her kindly if she will meet me in the middle and she has the nerve to smile, because she knows she has me right where she wants me-over a barrel. That is when I agree to a 60/40 compromise on what I wanted her to do.

I let out an exasperated sigh. By this time I’ve worked myself into a lather.

“You know,” I say “she’s forgetting who created her!”

Insert blank look on husbands face here. Girls have you ever seen your husband’s face when the buddy next door gets the golf clubs he’s been eyeing all year long? Yep, that’s the one. That’s the look I get. The one of disbelief because he’s just realized that I am not talking about a relative in dire need, but a character in my current WIP. Of course, he doesn’t think I notice that his look has now changed from concern to amusement, but I do. He wants to smile but he doesn’t. He just politely stands up and bends down, gently placing a kiss on my head as if to say “you poor tortured soul.” I grin to myself because I know I am home free-again! He’s left the door wide open and as I follow him into the kitchen he hears my voice trailing behind him.

“And honey, just wait until you hear what William is trying to pull!”

The moral of this story you may be wondering? It’s simple really. Let your characters be as real to you as the everyday people in your life. The ones you love and depend on and could not do without and oh yeah, every once in a while give them that 60/40 compromise because they are what makes the beautiful world we create for them go round.

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