Hi everyone!  I just wanted to take a few moments and update all of my followers what's going on here at the blog.  As you all of you know I am a writer trying to crank out my first novel as well as trying to keep my life on track;  so for all of you who have been great supporters since the very beginning (you know who you are) I wanted to give you a heads up.  There have been some big changes for me and for that reason I feel like the theme for OTCL needs an overhaul to suit the new me.

Alot of you will recall that Talina and I started this blog together and at the time it reflected the both of us.  Now however, we have both come into our own so to speak and with our new found freedoms our individual taste can now shine through(visit her wonderful blog and you will see her!)  With that being said, I am in the middle of designing the new face of this blog, something I think everyone will love and I will be extremely proud of.  While I undertake this project I'll ask for the patience of all of my readers.  I hope by the end of February it will be completed and you guys wills love it as much as I do!

There will be new and exciting things as well as more of the same fun stuff......my writing and my day to day misadventures in real life!  So please again be patient it's coming and you're going to love it I promise! Keep the positive comments going they really do help me stay motivated!
 Until then, Love and Hugs, Donna