Hi guys I just had to share the events of this past Saturday night. After a day of shopping with the family we all decided to eat dinner at Masters Wok here in Anderson.  The meal was great and as you all know at the end of the meal at a Chinese restaurant the waitress brings around the fortune cookies.  The following events and dialogue are true and in no way should be attempted unless your life is in chaos like mine!

While the waitress was in the process of handing the cookies out, I looked at my sister Kathy and said  "You know the way my life is going, maybe she should leave me the bucket!

We laughed it off thinking nothing about my comment.  Well I open my cookie and it said "Good fortune is yours when you stock tons of fortune cookies!"

I promise! Those were the exact words typed on that tiny piece of paper! I looked at my sister and we both lost our breath laughing. So, I sneak a peek over at my niece Bailee and notice she has an extra cookie and since she thinks her Mimi hung the moon and stars in the sky,

I give her my sweetest smile and say, "Bailee Ann you should give Mimi that extra cookie, she needs a do over."

In which Bailee responds "Mimi you can't have this fortune I've already touched this one so it won’t really be yours but I'll read it to you anyway. She began to read out loud and the whole table was in shock at its contents.

"A love one that you have not seen in months will show up at your front door showering love and joy."

Again I looked at my sister and given my current situation I began shaking my head and backing away from that cookie.   Noooooooo, that is not my fortune either.  The last thing I need right now is a lost love showing up at my door to further complicate my life and since we could all guess who that meant, we ditched that cookie as if it were on fire!

At this point I think my brother-in-law, bless his heart, saw my distress and realized I am once again  grasping at straws for some kind of guidance in my life ask the waitress for another batch of cookies.

Round TWO coming up as she dove into her bucket and pulled out another handful and placed them on the table!  This time I took my time to select the perfect cookie,  the one that would tell me where my life is heading with certainty!   I opened it and there is was........NOTHING! NO FORTUNE!   I looked at my sister this time and noticed she was trying hard not to fall out laughing again!  I demanded to know what an empty cookie meant........

Trying to make myself feel better at this point I say, “Okay, so maybe this means I can make my own fortune.”

My sister who like me never pulls punches,  sat back and smiled, looking at me she said "It was empty Duck, you don't get to make your own besides, there wasn't enough room on the paper for that fortune to begin to be able to tell you what the hell is going on in your life at the moment!"

Moral of this story in times of mass confusion in your life………DON’T COUNT ON A COOKIE!

Okay I want to hear from all of you that have ever resorted to fortune cookies, horoscopes and stopped yourself before visiting a Psychic!