When Jacob was two years old his Aunt Dee introduced him to Jim the Leprechaun.  Every Saint Patrick's Day after that, Jim always left him a pot of gold coins.  The year he turned seven he wrote Jim a direct letter asking the little Leprechaun to please leave footprints on his note along with his pot of gold coins this year.......Well let's just say Jim the Leprechaun must have been very busy that year because he only left one coin and no footprints could be found on  that ill fated Saint Patrick's Day morning......

I also need to mention this was around the time that B-daddy, Jacob's step dad came into his life.  The Golden Boy bounded out of bed that morning and headed straight for the kitchen where he left his note on the floor, so you can imagine the look of devastation on the face of the most wonderful little boy a B-daddy could have.   Bob felt it was his duty to write the following letter to the Leprechaun that would dare leave this little boy unhappy:

Dear Jim,
     We want to thank you for your measly little gift.  Obviously, you are not aware of all that we want.  If you could spend some time with Jacob, you would understand that a horse, a remote controlled Harley, a four wheeler, a million pounds of Ice Cream, a pizza, and finally CARMAN ELECTRA is at the very least what we are willing to accept!  Please try to pay attention to the wishes and demands of this precious seven year old that believes you can be "The Man",  if you can provide these items.  If you should fail, the list will double each time until you comply.
      This is not negotiable.  We anticipate complete compliance immediately!  Any questions, shove'em and give the boy the loot he deserves!
                                                                          Warm Regards,
                                                                           Jacob's B-daddy

The moral of this story you may be wondering......It really doesn't have one.....just a warning to Leprechauns around the world......it's a lot easier to step in some green ink and leave a few footprints than screw around with the B-daddy of the Golden Boy!


Let me start this post off by saying I started it yesterday! This leads me to my post subject today. A few days ago Talina and I were having a venting session about never being able to sit down and write without something coming up. It made me recall a statement my dear hubby asked the other day. “How long does it take to write a novel anyway?” OKAY STOP RIGHT THERE! So with that being said the following events took place on Sunday as I sat down with the intention of blogging on both blogs and then writing on my WIP.

I got up straightened up the house while Bob and the Golden Boy did their own thing. I knew at some point I had to go grocery shopping because I had promised a Sunday dinner with all the fixings. I had just sat down and had my blog page opened, then I hear,

“Hey mama, when are you going to cook dinner?”

Knowing that the Golden Boy was on his third snack since lunch, I look over my glasses and say, “Jacob, are you hungry already?”

To which he replies, “I’m starving.”

So I get up throw on clothes and makeup and run do the dreaded deed of grocery shopping with B-daddy in tow. I get home put up the groceries, then put the chicken in the oven. While it is baking, I again sit down to write. I get a portion of the way through when the oven bell dings. I stop typing and get up take the now baked chicken out of the oven, batter it and throw it into the frying pan. Since I’m already up, I then mix the broccoli casseroles and pop them in the oven and clean up my mess. I hurry and sit back down again before I lose my train of thought, but not for very long.

Now, Jacob is in the middle of a melt down because Verizon’s phone service had a blimp and for a little while no one in the state of South Carolina phones were working. Well Jacob took this as a personal attack on his three thousand text quota he must meet every month. For fifteen minutes until it came back up all I heard was,

“Mama what’s wrong with the phones they still aren’t working? Try yours mama to see if it will do anything.”

“Jacob be patient.” I say a hundred times in twenty minutes.

I’m sitting back at the computer trying to listen to everything Jacob was saying to me, talking to B-daddy when he says something and waiting for the timer to go off so I get back up and pull the casseroles out and pop in the blueberry cobbler I had mixed up. At this point it is safe to say I have totally lost my train of thought about what I had begun writing about.

This made me begin to wonder if the people in my household ever wondered what it actually takes to sit down and write anything that you have to basically pull out of thin air. Do they even realize that I have to actually be able to sit down in front of my computer or my notebook and put words on the screen? Not to mention the fact that in order to write a novel you have to create characters that doesn’t even exist, build a world that only revolves around those imaginary people, come up with a plot that involves a set of problems for your main characters, interesting dialogue that will keep your reader from tossing your novel in the trash, and oh yeah, let’s not forget the happily ever after every one wants at the end. Whew, big order isn’t it.

Oh by the way just as I had the above thought the timer went off and I set about serving dinner, cleaning up the kitchen again, tucked Jacob in at bedtime and sat down with B-daddy to watch a program together. So if you haven’t guessed it yet…………I got absolutely zero done on my blogs or my writing before bedtime.

The moral of this story you may be wondering. The next time you pick up a book at your book store as you read, appreciate the author that had the time to sit down and create it! I can promise you it wasn’t without a few interruptions unless they are locked up in a closet or on a deserted island!

And lastly, if you have someone in your life that is trying to break out in the writing world because it’s their passion and they have the gift of creating a fabulous story out of nothing remember this post the next time you want to ask them how long it takes to write a novel. Offer them a word of encouragement for making time to do all the things they manage to do as a mom, a wife and a writer. Even though they have a million things going on at once, they’re still able to create that wonderful world of make believe we all love to escape to.


For all of you who know me you know that I have one niece.  When I tell you she means the world to me, I MEAN, she means the world to me!  And no, it's not because she thinks her Mimi (myself) hung the moon and the stars in the sky and that I am a human Barbie, I promise.

 Bailee Ann started her first year of Middle School this year and she wrote a poem about it.  I would like to use this post to share it with all of my readers.  Some of you may have a child, nephew or niece who may have also transitioned from a big fish in Grade School to a little guppie in the big pond of Middle School.

                                           6TH GRADE DOESN'T FRIGHTEN ME AT ALL!

Teachers yelling,
Kids tattletaling,
6th grade doesn't frighten me at all.

Pencils breaking, 
paper tearing,
6th grade doesn't frighten me at all.

Doors slamming, 
bells ringing, 
6th grade doesn't frighten me at all 

Binders falling,
books opening,
6th grade doesn't frighten me at all.

Kids bigger,
kids shorter,
6th grade doesn't frighten me at all.

Toilets flushing,
sink water running,
6th grade doesn't frighten me at all.

Air conditioner humming,
kids snooring,
6th grade doesn't frighten me at all.

Test taking,
kids dressing out,
6th grade doesn't frighten me at all.

Homework assignments,
causing back alignments,
6th grade doesn't frighten me at all.

Not at all,
Not at all,
6th grade doesn't frighten me at all.
By Bailee Ann Williamson, 6th grader

After reading this poem it made me wonder how many other children felt the same way Bailee Ann did on that first day. I would love to hear from you and your little loved one and their first impression of Middle School. I hope for them it was like Bailee Ann's .......FEARLESS.