Okay all my fellow writers and die-hard readers, here’s one of those hmmmmmmm kind of situations. I’ve been sitting thinking, “Oh you so need to blog today, but about what?” . . . While trying to get my mind in gear, I opened my folder to take a look at photographs of the real life person that shaped my character Nikolas.  While trying to find the one photo that would spark my imagination for the current chapter I need to write, I suddenly wondered if this particular mortal had any of the characteristics his imaginary counterpart has . . .

Without giving away too much of my current WIP, (everyone has to wait and check Nikolas out in his world to find out just how sexy and awesome he really is) but in saying that, here are some of the things I wondered and would love to know about my muse or even better still if my muse knew he could get away with the things his counterpart does, would he try?

1.  Does he know that cynical really is sexy and if he knew would he use it more often?

2.  Most women really do want to be nibbled on at some point.

3.  Brooding really is hot if a smirk comes with it.

4.  Taking a woman’s breath away while being close enough for her to feel yours is one of the sexiest things about a kiss.

5. Guy liner is what makes you baby!

6. It’s sexier to have your woman on the back of your Harley than driving beside you on her own

7.  A tattoo here and there doesn’t hurt either.

8.  Never be ashamed of your past, most of the time it makes the man a woman falls head over hills in love with.

Um . . .  pulls myself back to the real world!  I have to admit in this post that my muse came to me quite by surprise.  He is really the reason I picked up my story again after years of it being shelved, wiped off the dust and began writing again.  It’s not just because he is one fine specimen of a man but his story was unlike any I had came across until I read his life story.  To be the man that he is today from the life he experienced in his past is what has shaped Nikolas Raven Capriani into the character that I so dearly love to write about.

And yes ladies, in case you’re wondering—and if this book ever makes it to the shelves and I have faith it will— I’m hopping my little author ass on a plane and hand delivering a personal signed copy to my muse in person.  I hope he loves what I’ve turned him into as much as I have enjoyed the challenge!

Happy Monday everyone and here’s hoping every woman finds a man as hawt as the two I’ve written about here today and they make ALL your fantasies come true!

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  1. He is wearing that smirk you talk about!